Implementation of ICT into the curriculum

Implementation of ICT into the curriculum

 Here are some thoughts regarding the implementation of ICT into the curriculum

  • Examination of the student  text
    1. Does it come with CD, what is on the CD, how to use it?
    2. Pursue texts with CD and online support
    3. Does it come with online support?
    4. What are other online resources and how are these obtained?


  • What are the options to incorporate the text with the use of notebook?
    1. Structured guided work using Blogs, wikis and online resources (teacher specified with criteria)
    2. Unstructured guided work using Blogs, wikis and online resources (student investigation with criteria)


  • Preparation is at the core of the integration of Technology into work and skills
    1. Basics such as: how to save as favourites; how to search with keywords
    2. Looking below the surface of an online resource or CD
    3. Memberships to online resources


  • Support is at the core of the implementation from
    1. E-learning coordinator
    2. Mentors
    3. Ancillary staff
    4. Executive
    5. CEO
    6. KLA coordinators
    7. Provision of hardware and infrastructure
    8. Students


  • Student centred
    1. Work must be provided as a designed task based on the syllabus outcomes with a set criteria
    2. Must be rewarding

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