Issues for the use of Blogs and Wikis

What are Blogs and Wikis

A Blog or a Wiki is the same as the webpage, that we are all familiar with from our experiences on the Internet. Both the Blog and the Wiki provides a medium for the use of a huge range of collaborative tools and to share these with others online. A professional theme  or layout is provided to work with along with a structure to organise gadgets, links and online resources in a useful way.

Benefits of Blogs and Wikis

  • Ease of creation
  • Additions of online features such as widgets
  • Engagement of students
  • Engagement of teachers
  • Presentation of work
  • Integration of text books, online resources with Blogs and Wikis
  • Understand variety in the use of Blogs and Wikis by teachers and students

Requirements for the development of Blogs and Wikis in schools

  • Training
  • Membership of online resources
  • Naming structure wikis
  • Modelling of the use of technology
  • Time to learn, develop and understand
  • Hardware and furniture in a learning space

Questions that can be asked as ICT is explored

  • How do we spread ICT use through the staff?
  • Do teachers know what is out there?
  • What are the online resources?
  • How to access online resources?
  • What are the CD resources?
  • How to access CD resources?
  • How to integrate text with technology?
  • Judgements of technology by teachers without investigation?
  • Why is sharing so limited in the system?
  • How do we pass on to staff the benefits?
  • How do we use the ICT support?

How do we measure the success of the integration of ICT?

  • levels of use of technology by staff and students  
    • inquiries
    • in programs
    • in classroom
    • in a klas
    • in the work completed by students
    • attendance at formal trainings
    • inquiry at informal trainings
    • resultant marks and outcomes achieved

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