where to with web 2.0 in the classroom

it seems we as teachers have always been keen to add new and more effective methods to the classroom. i have seen some fantastic web 2.0 creations, not just the use of a single web 2.0 tool, but complete packages created that can be used in the classroom and shared.

it seems that this is the way to go. an example is a hsie blog that is being developed called moomoo. this blog utilises web 2.0 along with commercial sites such as scootle and swirk. This package also integrates the texts used by students, and the text provide a range of online resources. this blog has been very effective.

i could go on and on with blogs that have been developed all with the idea of engaging students with cutting edge pedogogy. these are but a sample of more of these exciting web 2.0 packages an art blogart@pagewood, social justice blog social justice at pagewood and a history blog historyatpagewood.

the question is how is the challenge to take teachers passed the gimmicky web 2.0 tool and into the creation of a complete package that has these engagaing features and more importantly can be shared beyond just the walls of a single classroom.

it seems that there are a few issues here.

  1. the provision of skills
  2. time being provided
  3. a program that may lead to staff being confident in using web 2.0

to be continued

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