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teachers are busy, and there is a need to prioritise. teachers who have been around for a while will often refer to a previous initiative that was going to “change teaching” and these innovations faded away.

i recall presenting an idea at a staff meeting when i was rec at burwood. from the group a voice emerged, “we tried that it did not work”. the trial occured in the late sixties, yes he had been there that long. New teachers are stuggling just to get through the new load that they are required to carry out.

the web 2.0 course presented by the ceo was great as a taste, as a development tool. However, the question arises as to how do we go the next step. considering the committment by some went way passed the 20 hours for the 10 tasks. it is a big ask to weave your way through the videos, logins, tasks, blogs and the technical issues that often plague the participants.

the benefits of using technology in their teaching needs to be stressed. technology is a time benefit as the resource has been created and is therefore reuseable. being digtal the resource may be modified to suit changes in content or duplicated and modified for differring levels.

rss as a collection tool has been for me a great time saver as i am able to view the updated work of students easily as the aggregator gathers and presents the links.

one of the greatest benefits is the use of preprepared and searchable resources that may be found in youtube and slideshare.

a great initiative that being of the provision of elearning coordinators in systemic school needs to be applauded. it is a big committment of funds. the issue is that i suggest these coordinators need to be utilised more. this means additional time release. the staff it seems are happy to complete the course but need additional support.

the next level of web 2.0 i suggest needs to be a supported process with a 1 on 1 or 1 on 3 basis. i have outlined in sushi under Teachers Professional Development
an option that enables the elearning coordinator the opportunity to work with smaller groups developing not only a web 2.0 tool, because this is not where we are heading. we really need to head towards packages, by that i mean a complete teaching resource that can be shared with other staff, schools and students.

the eLearning training course has three sessions but i think that after the web 2.0 course, session 2 and 3 would be the next level.

if you are reading this post i would be interested in your thoughts.

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  1. dear colleagues

    i have since the web2 ceo writers course been thinking around ways that the ceo web2 teachers online course could be taken further. the content on the collaborative google document is good but how do we translate that into a real product that is achieveable by teachers with such a diversity of ability levels.

    may i suggest that in line with my concept of packages and not just tools, we combine the directive abilities of the web2.0 ceo course with google which would then enable a finished product that is easily shared across the system.

    the google feature that i have been looking at is ‘google sites’

    this is a simple wysiwig web creation site which allows a huge range of gadgets to be added to simply. this also provides a very simple and quick upload of useful teaching resources. the site also allows other web2.0 that i have found useful such as slideshare to be used. from my working with staff of differing levels of abilities and confidence, i suggest that this site will be well recieved and a final product created which inturn creates from this success a desire to utilise online more and more.

    a key element that i think is important is this site in general does not have the many glitchy or technical issues that seem to deter many staff attempting web2.0

    a sample site is found here i am still developing my site so seems it is better to present this excellent site as an example. i am still of two minds as to what format is better a blog like the one i use in sushi or this google feature, but i am certain that this google feature is an easier site to take the system forward in the development of online resources.

    as always i am happy to contribute to the systems development with elearning

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