Social justice, R.E. and Faith Formation blog

as part of the ceo ilearn project for 2010 the college has undertaken to create an online instructional tool that provided insight into the way the marist tradition at pagewood interacts with the community in particular social justice activities and faith formation. this link will provide you will access to this blog.

after discussions it was decided to add a curriculum area. the intention is to complete this collaboratively, which means the inclusion of up to sixteen teachers, but initially four are involved. this brings me to the following comic relief regarding a planning committee product.

therefore, this post has been created so that we can share our ideas and resources for discussion and inclusion. of course, this will not substitute for meeting that we will inevitably require, but if you should have a resource, idea or concern this is a possible place to display it, remembering it is open to the world to view 🙂

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