Internet and Website Development

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  3. Key Terms
  4. The Internet
  5. History of the Internet
  6. Intranet
  7. Internet software
  8. Types of protocols
  9. World Wide Web (www)
  10. Control of access to information on the web
  11. Development and Features of a website
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How to use this page

This page has all the subject content that you will need to complete the required study for IST. You will find a range of activities called “portfolio”, “essential tasks” and ” weekly homework”. You are required to complete all of these tasks as they all make up a component of your assessment schedule. You are also expected to present your completed work on a Googlesite sharing this site with your teacher.

There are due dates displayed with each task. The Portfolio tasks will achieve a mark full marks for a well completed task, half marks for a incomplete but mostly completed and a zero mark will be given for a non attempt.The Assessments details may be found here.

Your work will be completed within the Cloudshare environment, however, an important security issue exists and you are required to ONLY use your school credentials for all online use within Cloudshare or external for example Voki.

The series of YouTubes are important to view as these will present to you visual detail that you may not see in the text. The scheduled IST end of Semester Examinations will be created from the content found on this site.

essential task 1
a) Create your own website using Cloudshare sites by visiting here. use your first name and initial of your family name so that others in the course will have a standard format to find your website. Never place any personal details on your website.

b) Share as an owner your website with your IST class teacher . This is a CEO policy for student websites.

c) Add to your website a avatar, embed a youtube video, with a A.I. theme. Add a sentence as to why you selected this video.

View this tube to view a tutorial on how to use googlesites.

View more Radford University tutorial tubes on how to use googlesites.

essential task 2

a) Create a pages titled “Internet and Website Development” then read this section of sushi “Internet and Website Development” and summarise using all the headings provided. The addition of an appropriate image would be good.

b) Create a page titled “Internet and Website Development Key terms” and using the terms shown in this section of sushi and provide a meaning to each of these terms. Use this computer terms site here to find the meanings. The addition of an appropriate image would be good.

c) A page or series of pages will be required to place all of your work. You are expected to clearly label each task so that the task can be located.

The Internet has become a life changing event for the World. The Internet has brought about a depth of communication, provision of services and information in a way never experienced. The Internet has provided changes which in many cases people have not yet thought through the consequences, especially legal aspects and commerce.

Key Terms

proxy server
search engine
simple mail transfer
protocol (SMTP)
web browser
web page
World Wide Web(WWW)
home page
hypertext mark-up
language (HTML)
universal resource locator (URL)

The Internet

The Internet was a new concept that was developed initially for the sharing by universities in the United States of America. Computers joined through a worldwide network by cabling, either optic or copper wire, and microwave. Initially the speed of the network was quite slow, however, fast Broadband is now available and is the norm.

The Internet is a structure that enables access to the World Wide Web. This means the hardware, the topology and all the technical components that help it to work.

The Internet has now provided the user with the ability to carry out the following range of activities below are a list of nine that will be studied:

  1. obtaining news
  2. sharing of files
  3. video conferences
  4. chatting
  5. emailing
  6. researching
  7. self-publishing
  8. online commerce
  9. obtaining technical services and products
portfolio task 1  Due week 2
Research the Nine uses of the Internet listed above.

Use the I&W Portfolio page on your Google site and under the heading Portfolio 1

Write a response to each of the nine uses. Use the five questions below as a guide. Add your findings to your google site.

  1. Name one website for each of the above uses of the Internet.
  2. Provide a link to the example you have named site.
  3. How is the service provided an have you ever used it?
  4. Do you think that there are any positive or negative issues with the services?
  5. Are you able to make an addition of an appropriate image or YouTube about the examples of Internet use you named?

History of the Internet

View this tube to see the history of the Internet.

History of the Internet

1960       The Internet is first conceived. Under the leadership of ARPA.
1969       Researchers on four University campuses create the first hosts of  the ARPANET.
1970       The ARPANET grows to 23 hosts connecting a number of US Universities.
1971       The InterNetworking Group was established to govern the growing network.
1977      TCP/IP invented to connect small networks to ARPANET.
1979       The first USENET newsgroup the started.
1981       ARPANET has 213 hosts.
1983       TCP/IP becomes the network standard.
1984       The number of Internet hosts exceeds 1,000.
1985       The USA Nat. Science Foundation program based on 6 Supercomputers.
1987       The number of Internet hosts exceeds 10,000.
1988       The “Internet Worm” disables about 6,000 of the 60,000 hosts.
1990       ARPANET finished left the Internet.
1990       The number of hosts exceeds 300,000.
1991       Ban on commercial use lifted.
1992       First audio & video broadcast over the Internet.
1992       More than 1,000,000 hosts.
1993       First graphic-based Web browser developed.
1994       Netscape Communication Corp formed.
1996       Users in almost 150 countries use Internet.
1996       10,000,000 hosts.
2003       iTunes and Myspaces launched
2004       Social networking such as facebook, blogs and flickr grows
2005       Youtube commences
2006       Twitter developed
2007        Google beats Microsoft as “most valuable global brand,” and  most visited site.
2010        China Dominates Internet Usage
2011         Number of Internet users reaches 2 Billion
2012        Facebook reaches 1 billion monthly active users
2013        Netflix and YouTube account for over 50% of Internet traffic measured by bytes

portfolio task 2. Due week 3
Create a timeline, using this site here,

  1. In your opinion, display 8 important dates,  in the development of the Internet.
  2. Justify the choice of the two most important events in a sentence for each of these.
  3. Add three more recent developments to the Internet .
  4. Use the I&W Portfolio page on your Google site and under the heading Portfolio 2


An Intranet is a logical development in the networking of a group of computers. An Intranet is basically the same as the Internet, but is private and accessed with a password. MyInternet the interface you use at school is an Intranet. You require a user name and password to authenticate with the Intranet server.

A user in an Intranet as able to complete all the tasks that are available on the Internet, such as communication with email and sharing files.

An add on to the Intranet is an Extranet, this allows users to access some information that may be available in an Intranet, but not all. The details found on the school website is an Extranet.

A detailed explanation of Intranets may be viewed on the How Stuff Works link below.

How Stuff Works explains what is an Intranet is.

World Wide Web (www)

The World Wide Web is actually the resources that are available on the Internet. These include graphics, text files and the linking hyperlink format. This WWW is an amazing medium for the dissemination of information with the addition of interactivity. Interactivity means that the users have the ability to communicate with the resource while using a computer hardware device. An example of this is through the use of a link called a Hyperlink, which when selected the user is able to view another site or page within a site.

View to see how the Internet works.

weekly homework task 1. Due week 2
Q 1. Provide the meaning of the term “intranet”.
Q 2. What is the World Wide web?
post this response in your site.

Internet software

A web browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari or Firefox is required as these applications read HTML code. Another vital component is to have an Internet Service provider or ISP. The ISP provides the user with access to an Internet connection.

Web pages use specialist software to write the code that is used to organise the data for the Internet structure.
This specialist software is known as authoring software and uses HTML as the basis of the website that is produced. HTML may be used with a simple text document and displayed in a browser. More sophisticated software is available such as FrontPage and Dreamweaver. WYSIWYG or “What You See Is What You Get” is used and an example of this is when a web developer works in Frontpage using the “Normal” mode.

Types of protocols

• transmission control protocol/internet protocol (TCP/IP)
• hypertext transfer protocol (http)
• simple mail transfer protocol (smtp)
• file transfer protocol (FTP)
• hypertext transfer protocol secure (https)


YouTube Group 1

View these

View this tube to see an animated discussion on TCP/IP .

View this tube to see an animated discussion on TCP/IP part 2.

View this tube to see a complete explanation of FTP.

View this tube to see a complete explanation of SMTP.

View this tube to see an explanation of the differences between http and https .


weekly homework task 2  Due week 4
Q 1. Name three web browsers.
Q 2. What is the basis of a webpage?
Q 3. Explain any TWO protocols after watching the YouTube Group 1.
post this response in your site.


Control of access to information on the web

Originally the Internet was a small network of academic organisations and access was quite liberal, however, with the growth in the number of users and uses and importance of data and information, access has become an issue demanding attention.

Organisations are required to use a range of access controls to protect the information that is contained in data storage. Banks, Government departments and hospitals all have sensitive or confidential information that need protection.

Hackers are now creating viruses that attempt to gain access to the information not only to organisations but also to the private user. The following five terms are important to become aware of as these are all concerned with protecting your computer from inappropriate access.

• cookies-a small code that allows a site to track a users use.
• security content-are filters that ensure inappropriate web content is blocked.
• proxies-limit access and serve to cache sites.
• firewalls-limit or stop selected network traffic in and out of a network.
• virus protection-are programs created and delivered to a computer to obtain or destroy data.

View this tube to see what are cookies.

View this tube to see what are proxies.

View this tube to see what is a firewall.

View this tube to see how a virus works.

View this tube to see an example of a virus works.

weekly homework task 3 . Due week 6
Write a sentence on each of the above control of access to information on the web tubes. Place these sentences on your googlesite.<
complete the task from the IST cd and post this reponse in your wiki. it is also expected that a hardcopy is handed up.


Website development and Features of a website

A website usually contains a number of web pages that are linked with hyperlinks. These pages are static or can not be edited without access to the ftp site and this will also require a password to authenticate the user.

The design of the website are of a Graphical User Interface or GUI. This means that a graphic or icon with a logical meaning may be clicked on to interact with the site. An example of this would be a printer icon or email icon. This GUI layout may be in text as well, but a heavy use of graphics are used in a website.

The address of the website is also set to a standard. The address of a web page is called a universal resource locator or URL. The URL comprises of the protocol used in this case the http, then the server domain name, next comes the directory name and finally the file name.

The layout of the web page may be presented using tables which may be used to hold text and objects very easily. This then provides a clearer display of information to the reader.

Probably the most recognisable feature of a web site is the use of links (hot words, hot spots) to enable navigation or to find further information.

weekly homework task 4 . Due week 8
Q 1. What is used to link webpages?
Q 2. What is meant by the term Graphical User Interface or GUI?
Q 3. What is meant by the term URL?
post this response in your site.



Hypertext Markup Language or HTML is the basic website creation tool. The code used in HTML instructs the browser as to how the data is to be displayed. The code comprises of text and tags, the tag also control all the elements such as colour, location of objects and multimedia.

an overview of how to do HTML

View this tube to see HTML tutorial. Suggest you skim sections.

a series of YouTube tutorials

View this tube to see HTML tutorial 1

View this tube to see HTML tutorial 2

View this tube to see HTML tutorial 3

View this tube to see HTML tutorial 4

View this tube to see HTML tutorial 5

View this tube to see HTML tutorial 6

a series of Website tutorials

View this web site to see HTML colours.

View this web site to see HTML basics to advanced use.

View this web site to see advanced use with HTML.

View this web site to see HTML help adding Java to your web site.

View this web site to see help adding HTML to your web site.

Watch this video to see how to use Notepad to edit a HTML file.

portfolio task 4 Due week 5
Use a web authoring software to create an Index page and three linked pages.

The index page must use:

  1. DTP principles,
  2. a navigation bar linking all pages,
  3. appropriate images and text.
  4. The topic may be selected by you, but needs to be appropriate, it may be a sporting team.
  5. each of the other three pages must relate to the the Index page , navigable, with content.
  6. Use the I&W Portfolio page on your Google site and under the heading Portfolio 4
  • Download html files here .
  • See help with specific html tags for this task.


Project development

The planning, production and overall development of a project has six steps.

  • understanding the problem
  • making decisions
  • designing solutions
  • implementing the solution by testing the product
  • implementing the solution by maintaining the product
  • implementing the solution by evaluating the product

If you do not know what is required to be completed to solve a problem, then the resultant solution is very unlikely to be correct. It is therefore, important that the task be understood. this may be done by asking questions of the potential participants of a solution.

Once that you decide upon the problem, then you need to decide on a solution. Probably thinking about one design only is not the best, create a few designs so that you can decide upon the best.

Once that you have decided upon a solution you may then commence to create a solution or product that will solve the problem. Make what is known as a prototype first. a prototype is a model or limited functioning product, to see if the solution is appropriate. a storyboard is also a sound design tool to develop a product, especially a video or audio product.

Once you have decided upon the solution, then make it. evaluation of the product is a continual process and should be completed through out the design and implementation process. maintenance will also be required to be carried out as the product is used.

You must complete portfolio 1, 2, and 3. then complete portfolio 4 as the major assessment. The portfolio needs to be added into your wiki on the due dates set.

Assessment Task


portfolio task 4 Due week 9
Major Assessment
This assignment requires the student to create a website using the criteria set in the portfolio guide. Download portfolio guide here. Download html files here


Program & Registration

Registration and programs for teachers are here


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