IPT Video Lessons

These items are linked from the folios, i strongly suggest that you view these when you can especially in the lead up to your trial and HSC examination.

Videos to view

Case Study: Point-of-Sale System
A kiosk system.

Parity checking
Parity checking 2
Parity Check Problem
CSMA/CD Overview
CSMA/CD – Collision Procedure

Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC)
Why We Need Error Checking
Binary Decimals & Hexadecimals

Diagram Representation Of An Information System
Context diagram
IPT System Development Life Cycle
Development Approaches | T.O.E.S | Conversion

Database Schema: Entity Relationship Diagram

Development Approach & T.O.E.S 2
Feasibility analysis
Database Schema

Database Normalisation
Hypermedia Systems

QBE: Why “Query By Example” Was Developed
QBE: A Concrete Example
QBE’s Design Principles
QBE’s Relationship To SQL

Primary & Foreign Keys
Loans Database: Data Redundancy

Video Store Database: Dataflow Diagram (1 of 2)
Video Store Database: Dataflow Diagram (2 of 2)
Loans Database: Identifying the Tables
Decision Trees & Decision Tables

What are Communications Systems?
Communications System Framework
Other Information Processes
Issues Related to Communication Systems Part 1
Issues Related to Communication Systems Part 2

The Internet of Things

What is RFID & How RFID works
Issues Related to Communication Systems Part 1
Issues Related to Communication Systems Part 2

Calculating of Storage or File Size
Calculating File Size: Video
Calculating File Size: Audio
Calculating File Size: Images
Calculating File Size

Wi-Fi and NFC
Terrestrial Microwaves

Network Basics
Point-to-Point, Bus & Ring Topologies
Network Resources (1 of 2)
Network Resources (2 of 2)
Network Software Part 1
Network Software Part 2
Network Topologies – Conclusion
Network Interface Cards
Network Operating Systems & Policies
Star, Tree & Mesh Topologies

Assigning Rights: Peripherals
Account Management
Speed Measurements
Signal Rate vs Speed
Differing Speeds
Network Operating Systems & Policies

Cables & Backbones
Cables & Electromagnetism
Twisted Pair
Optic Fiber
Coaxial Cable

Bridges, Gateways & WAPs
Hubs & Switches


Examples of Transaction processing systems
Reservation systems
Collecting in TPS: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
Collecting in TPS: Automatic Teller Machines
Rollback and Transaction Logs
Real time TPS: Reservation System
Real Time Transaction Processing
Batch Transaction Processing

Opal card project management
Opal card Datadictionary
Opal card Data mining
Opal Card Social and ethical issue discussion

Back Up
BackUp Procedures (Grandfather-Father-Son)
BackUp Procedures (Grandfather-Father-Son)alternate
Partial Backups: Differential and Incremental

Convergence: Feasibility Factors for Creators/Publishers

Multimedia organising

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