IPT Video Lessons

i do apologise for not being a teacher like this teacher, even though, we have covered these items in the folios, i strongly suggest that you view these when you can especially in the lead up to your trial and HSC examination.

Error Checking Methods – IPT HSC

Parity checking

Parity Check Problem


Cyclic Redundancy Check

Why We Need Error Checking

Binary Decimals & Hexadecimals

Diagram Representation Of An Information System

Context diagram

Development Approaches | T.O.E.S | Conversion

Development Approach & T.O.E.S

Feasibility analysis

Database Schema


Database Normalisation

Hypermedia Systems

QBE: Why “Query By Example” Was Developed

QBE: A Concrete Example

QBE’s Design Principles

QBE’s Relationship To SQL

Primary & Foreign Keys

Loans Database: Data Redundancy

Video Store Database: Dataflow Diagram (1 of 2)

Video Store Database: Dataflow Diagram (2 of 2)

Loans Database: Identifying the Tables

Decision Trees & Decision Tables

What are Communications Systems?

Communications System Framework

Other Information Processes

Issues Related to Communication Systems Part 1

Issues Related to Communication Systems Part 2

The Internet of Things

What is RFID & How RFID works


Calculating File Size: Video

Calculating File Size: Audio

Calculating File Size: Images

Calculating File Size

Primary & Foreign Keys

Cyclic Redundancy Check




Wi-Fi and NFC

Terrestrial Microwaves

Network Basics

Point-to-Point, Bus & Ring Topologies


Network Resources (1 of 2)

Network Resources (2 of 2)

Network Software Part 1

Network Software Part 2

Network Topologies – Conclusion

Network Interface Cards

Network Operating Systems & Policies

Assigning Rights: Peripherals

Account Management

Speed Measurements

Signal Rate vs Speed

Differing Speeds

Speed Measurements

CSMA/CD Overview

CSMA/CD – Collision Procedure

Cables & Backbones

Cables & Electromagnetism


Bridges, Gateways & WAPs

Hubs & Switches


Twisted Pair

Optic Fiber

Coaxial Cable

BackUp Procedures (Grandfather-Father-Son)

Convergence: Feasibility Factors for Creators/Publishers

Opal Card Social and ethical issue discussion

Opal card Datadictionary

Opal card Data mining

Opal card project management


Multimedia organising

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